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Cast Iron Single Burner Reversible Grill Griddle 10.5 Inches Square SBRGG, Pre-Seasoned, Krucible Kitchen

Cast Iron Single Burner Reversible Grill Griddle 10.5 Inches Square SBRGG, Pre-Seasoned, Krucible Kitchen

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So great, right out of the box 🤓

It’s heavy, I read almost all the reviews and the directions that came in the box.This was a birthday present for my husband because he loves to grill out and it’s mostly cold now. I’ve included photos of the stove, the griddle after ‘cleaning’ and oiling. The last photo shows how perfectly the grill fits on our stove.Mr. Master grilled said it conducts heat really well, and he cooked half a pack of bacon, 2 lbs boneless chix breast, and 2 lbs of hamburger. He said there wasn’t a lot of grease overflow!The bacon was better than bacon had ever been. (thick) and crispy. The chicken breast was moist AND crispy and great with some ranch dressing. The burgers are all gone now, so I missed out on those. 😅. Best present EVER. Thank you Krucible Kitchen!

Outstanding Cookware

Size is perfect (easy to handle) and work amazing

Good option

Was planning to buy grill pan and saw this at exhibition were Krucible was participating. Good product as it could be used from both sides including grilling and flat.
Wood is a bonus as we can use it for serving too.

Abeeha Ishaq

Food cooks perfectly without sticking or splattering, especially fry-ups that are greasy. Sausages, caramelised onions,eggs, burger patties have all come out perfectly. Food cooks/fries evenly without burning, food doesn't splatter either, the griddle hot plate is perfectly flat and easy to clean and I've only used it about 3 times, but I just love it!

Mis Maham
My experience

It works great, and no disappointment with the cooking of the fish.

Grill Pan is a heavy weight and perfect for making Steaks.

Single Burner (SB) reversible grill griddle 10.5 inches is a type of cookware made from cast iron. It can be placed on a single burner for the cooking or Grilling purposes. It features two sides, one with a flat griddle surface and the other with a ridged grill surface.
This allows you to cook different types of food in the same pan, from pancakes to steaks. The griddle side is ideal for making pancakes, eggs and other flat food items. The ridged side is great for grilling burgers, steaks and other meats.
The cast iron construction helps to distribute heat evenly for consistent cooking results. It also helps to retain heat for longer cooking times. The reversible grill griddle is easy to clean and maintain, and can be used both on the stovetop, in the Baking oven or Over Campfire.

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