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Cast Iron Sizzler 10 In Plate Round, SZP10F-RO, Naturally Non Stick, Pre-Seasoned Krucible Kitchen

Cast Iron Sizzler 10 In Plate Round, SZP10F-RO, Naturally Non Stick, Pre-Seasoned Krucible Kitchen

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Hot Nihari

I love Nihari and this is the best investment. I wish Nihari Shops also serve meals in Cast Iron Sizzlers so the food remains hot till the last bite.

Samira Mohd
Great piece of cookware

This Cast Iron sizzler plate is a kitchen superstar!

Sizzling hot single serving

I got this hot plate to enjoy hot meals. Single serving Chinese to BBQ. Just love it.
It’s amazing and definitely going to buy more of their products. Service is amazing too.

Amazing Product

I like the quality, performance, and ease of cleaning of the this sizzler.

Ms Amber
Perfect for pizza

I haven't used it yet but know that it will do a great job since it is heavy iron. Perfect for pizza, heating up tortillas, pancakes, any thing you can think of. Has a small lip on the edge so anything runny won't spill out.

Cast iron serve ware refers to a range of kitchen and dining items made from cast iron, such as serving platters, bowls, and skillets, that are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Cast iron serve ware is known for its durability, excellent heat retention, and ability to distribute heat evenly, making it ideal for serving and keeping food warm for extended periods of time. Cast iron serve ware is also versatile, and can be used to cook and serve a wide variety of dishes, from stews and soups to baked goods and desserts. Additionally, cast iron serve ware is often considered a stylish and rustic addition to any kitchen or dining room, with many items featuring intricate designs and decorative details.

Cast Iron becomes Naturally Non Stick with Seasoning.

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