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Krucible Kitchen

Cast Iron Grill Pan 5.5” (14CM), Seasoned, Krucible Kitchen

Cast Iron Grill Pan 5.5” (14CM), Seasoned, Krucible Kitchen

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Does a good job, things to be aware of ...

The result is the best steak I have ever cooked indoors. It beats any electric grill I have ever used, and it beats the George Foreman grill hands down. I would say that the results are almost restaurant quality. I look forward to cooking hamburgers within the next day or so.

Great for grill marks

love it , Steak was grilled perfectly, amazing product from krucible kitchen

Heating pan on stove vs plugging in

If you don't mind the bit of extra work (heating pan on stove vs plugging in), this is a great pan to have.
I like the fact you DON'T have to plug it in. The heavy press works perfectly on an English muffin or roll.
It came with a special scraper that allows you to get between the ridges to clean the pan. Was delivered fairly well seasoned too, although we usually do a coating of oil after a cleaning. Well worth the price and effort.

Yasmin Ali
Cutie Pie Single Bread Sandwich

Love it. Perfect for single bread. Make my french toast in it too. Cute product

Good looking

I like this product for grill fish

Krucible Kitchen's Grill Pan, a heavyweight at 5.5 inches, is perfect for steak lovers.

it perfect for single bread  

Made from cast iron, it boasts a natural non-stick surface without Teflon or chemical coating. The product range includes Wok, Karahi, Skillet, Frying Pans, Griddle, Tawa, Hot Plates, Sizzlers, and more. Ideal for stovetops, grills, or ovens, the cast iron grill pan features raised ridges for even cooking of various foods. Known for durability and excellent heat retention, it's seasoned or coated to prevent rust, becoming naturally non-stick. Teflon-free and chemical-free, Krucible Kitchen offers the safest cookware for a delightful cooking experience.

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