Is your Cast Iron Cookware Rusted?

Is your Cast Iron Cookware Rusted?

Its noting to worry about. We just need to understand our cookware and the reasons for rusting and the process of cleaning.


Causes for Rusting:

Cast Iron Cookware rusts when the cookware is exposed to moisture or water for extended periods of time. If cast iron is left in dishwasher after cleaning process or left in the sink and or air dried, it might rust.

If Cast Iron cookware is left near moist areas or Humid Places, there is a high possibility for Cast Iron Cookware to rust.

How to Fix it:

Follow these Simple Steps to restore your cast iron Cookware.

Scrub and Wash:

Scrub with warm water and mild soap or detergent using Steel Wool. Scrub as per the need to make sure all rusting is removed.

Rinse and dry thoroughly.


Apply layer of cooking oil to the cookware all around.
Place the cookware in the Baking oven (Gas or Electric) upside down. Place an Aluminum Foil at bottom to collect excess oil. Bake at 230 to 260 degrees Centigrade for over 40 Min. Let it cool and repeat at least 3 times or until your cookware turns black.

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